This is me defending myself with my mother!!

When people make fun of how short I am, this is what I always think. Hey, I am ridiculously adorable!

American correctional facilities are just not up to snuff.

Why Robert Downey Jr doesn't speak french.they don't teach french in jail

Robert downey jr talks pokemon, donuts, drugs and WEAPON OF MASS SEDUCTION!

Robert downey jr is freaking awesome! ______________________ This man. This man

Accurate summary of Les Miserables; Funny Pictures – 34 Pics

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway explaining Les Misérables at the SAG awards

And then he ate all of the bacon and got sick. HIMYM. Ted Mosbey, architect.

You're Telling Me Those Were All Lies? How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Marshall.

i bet he owns tumblr

"fishingboatproceeds" deal all over again.RDJ would just randomly pop up in all the discussions, and it would be epic.

Especially when your boyfriend is a FOOT taller than you...

I'm not short but when my husband drives my car i feel like a short person when i get in lol

I don't really consider myself short. But I think I did this when I was younger or to a tall table. THIS IS FUNNY.

Haha, it hurts for tall people too!>>>>I'm not saying it doesn't but for short people (like me) it hits just above your hip bone.

i think we can all agree with this kitten

I need dis so bad

Robert Downey Jr. Being Himself...

Robert Downey Jr. Being Himself…

Being a ghost sounds fun. I'd haunt the shit out of certain people!