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Foxes: "These two are in such rapport, in front of the old barn door." (Written By: Lynn Chateau © )

Red Fox Cubs by Wenda Atkin

This is so cute!

CuteFix: Mothers and their babies: Adorable Animal kingdom photos

red fox

For some reason Nat was very disappointed they didn't see a red fox while on her school trip to palmyra cove. When asked why she replied 'cause I like red foxes.' Good one kid, good one.

Cute Fox via cuteoverload

Why do we never run out of adorable and hilarious animal photos? There are 2 reasons: Some animals are funny and cute of the time and Because we never get bored of seeing funny, adorable creatures!

En primer lugar, el zorro no ladra como otros caninos, ni tampoco vive en manadas, prefieren andar solos por su cuenta. Los zorros son animales nocturnos, por lo que van a estar activos durante la noche, es extraño verlos moviéndose durante el día, y cuando lo hacen es porque algo anda mal, en este caso pueden estar buscando fuentes de alimentos, pueden estar enfermos, o escapando de las amenazas de su ambiente natural.

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"Um, we doing nutting, mama."

Photographer Sean Gordon took some outstanding photographs of Edmonton Valley Zoo's young Arctic fox pups last Tuesday. In the wild, Arctic fox litters typically comprise five to eight babies, although reports of as many as 25 kits in a single.

fox .... Терпи душа моя.....

Photograph Winter wonderland by Pim Leijen on Such a cute fox, enjoying the snow like a cutie!

flowers and wild animals | Animals - Favorite Wild Animals - A red fox smelling a flower. Photo ...

Digging foxes right now! / A red fox smelling a flower. Photo by Ron Charest.

Beautiful fawn. And that is how they lay. You can walk up to them and they don't even blink.

bambi I love baby Deer. Thank you God!


Red Fox Enjoying Autumn, reminds me of my dog


A Collection Of The Most Beautiful Albino Animals


I got: Fox! What's Your Fall Spirit Animal? I love foxes! They totally remind me of Autumn and Fall!

Fox kits playing

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These lucky chickens have a stylish coop that includes under floor heating.

Funny pictures about Close Encounter With A Curious Fox. Oh, and cool pics about Close Encounter With A Curious Fox. Also, Close Encounter With A Curious Fox photos.

cub fox pic... you can see more pictures here/ zorrito el link te lleva a más fotos de animales

Cute fox drinking water with reflection