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Don't set yourself up for failure. Plan for the week ahead of you and don't give yourself excuses. #NoPlanNoSuccess #KnowPlanKnowSuccess #MealPrepSunday by

planwithmechallenge Day 15: How do you meal plan? I don't really "meal plan" per se but I do like to plan out shopping lists in my Bullet Journal. (The pic at bottom right was before I started my Whole30 so don't judge me too harshly for the items on it ) by boho.berry

Wine = lazy girl last minute meal prepping i'm going to tell you what Madison tells Aiden.... Don't judge me. #skinnymegfood

It's that time to go grocery shopping again...because honestly if I don't go tomorrow then my meal prep Sunday will be green beans and protein pancake mix What should be on the meal prep menu this week? by trvlingyogapnts

If you don't like cooking every day, meal prep is boss for staying on track. Every time you go into your fridge it's like a "omg someone already made me food oh wait that someone was me" party. These are Quinoa Cleanse Bowls from the #28DayJumpstart eBook from @fitgirldana's kitchen.

#1 Meal Plan & Prep Tool on Instagram: “This prep brings up a great point! It's not just about prepping your meals, but also ingredients, toppings, and sides for the week. The best example I do each week is pre-cut onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms for my eggs. Great job @kileyskitchen

Meal prep tips! Don't be a cry baby while you chop onions . (1) Don't cut off the root end until you're done. (2) Chew gum (3) Use a little fan to blow the onion air away! . #andonsundayswemealprep by sarahbshowers

Spinach Egg Muffins - all I can say is YUM! I love meal prep day. Luckily I made an extra serving so I don't have to wait until tomorrow to have one! by shannonpoteet

"Today has been a “catch-up” day for me. When I get in work mode, I tend to skip meals because I want to finish. I also get #hangry which is no bueno! If food is not prepped then I’m even more likely to skip meals which tends to result in overeating because I’m starving by the time I do eat. So, I spent about 1 hour today to prep some foods. I will eat other foods but it’s always nice to have something prepared when you don’t want to cook.

“I know so many of you have wanted my clean ranch recipe - it's in my meal plan, but I was making some this afternoon so I decided to share here! I don't…”