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Well aint he just a sexy mother fluffer:) Zayn Malik / One Direction


The man who sings with soul

I miss you Zayn you and that beautiful hair of yours!

Zayn♡ | Pinterest: Rosh

Zayn Malik<<< i am soooo dead.

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Not reaally a fan of One Direction but Zayn does have really great style. And hair. Exhibit a: Dat jacket.

Take A Look At Zayn Malik's Rocker Street Style

zayn lookin all fancy

Ahhh the pout ;)

Zayn (Come here and Let Me Kiss You)

Who says you can't be superman :)

Who says you can't be superman :)

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is so cute. Look at those gorgeous lips.

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Even Jack Dawson will rise from the bottom of the ocean floor.

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Zayn out in NYC

Zayn out in NYC

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Joker: Christmas Time

I have a feeling someone was telling a very bad story when he made this face