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McQueen's Machines, the cars and bikes of a hollywood icon, by Matt Stone

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Steve McQueen, The Great Escape, 1963. A movie fact from iMDb: During the climatic motorcycle chase, John Sturges allowed Steve McQueen to ride (in disguise) as one of the pursuing German soldiers, so that in the final sequence, through the magic of editing, he's actually chasing himself.

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Turner Classic Movies - persona-nongrata:   Bullitt (1968)

Steve McQueen in "BULLITT." The ONLY thing cooler than this picture is the Mustang - Charger car chase in the film! Steve drove the car himself - NO Stuntman!

Steve Mcqueen le mans

All in Good Time

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10 Of The Greatest Car Movies Of All Time

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time

The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time Steve McQueen, tough guy Because no one in history has done more to advance the noble cause of khakis, jeans, cable-knit sweaters, and leather jackets.

Elton John

Elton John’s Lavish Residences in London and Nice

The singer splits his time between his antique filled space in London, and his home in Nice, France

60's POSH in 'THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR' (1968) with STEVE McQUEEN (Wardrobe consultant Ron Postal) and FAYE DUNWAY (outfit designed by Thea Van Runkle) From Hollywood Stars : The Kobal Collection (minkshmink)

Faye Dunaway & Steve McQueen in a promo still for the Norman Jewison's "The Thomas Crown Affair"

Steve McQueen y Ali MacGraw

Steve McQueen & Ali McGraw married in August 1973 (and we think they stayed in love even after the split)

The Journal Of Style: Take A Look - Steve McQueen

Browsing through the internet I found hundreds of pictures of style icons that wore there clothes wonderfully well.