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A Simple Book Tattoo Design. This thing is rightly explained in the tattoo design above.

I want an hourglass with the script "this too shall pass" on a banner running through it. Similar to this style.

traditional hourglass tattoo --hours pass through me-- by Jim Sylvia at Bassist of Vanna. This too shall pass orrrr even the darkest hour is only 60 minutes long

50 Valuable Hourglass Tattoo Designs and Meanings - Time is Flying

Hourglass tattoo has been very common in the artistic industry for a long time. Though considered to be obsolete, this form of tattooing represents time.

Epic And Original Hourglass Tattoo Design From TattoosWin.com

Important Meanings Behind the Hourglass Tattoo

35 Amazing Wrist Tattoo Designs

Not too crazy about the rose. Make it a poppy and now we are talking! I adore the compass and feather.