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Fire Art of Earth. Rolls of still red glowing hot lava appear like living blankets. Pahoehoe Lava - Kilauea Volcano on Kauai, Hawaii

flowing lava, Kilauea Volcano near Kalapana in Hawaii (Thorsten Scheuermann).

Nature Abstract Patterns by Thorsten Scheuermann. (via Nature Abstract Patterns – Fubiz™)

Lava Bleed   ~ by Bruce Omori

Lava Bleed - Fresh pahoehoe oozes from beneath the fractured crust of the leading edge of a flow, consuming all in its path. Photography by Bruce Omori

Memorizing ropey lava (pahoehoe). Could watch this all day!  Why is it so ropey? ....The numerous folds and wrinkles ("ropes") that are characteristic of ropy pahoehoe form when the thin, partially solidified crust of a flow is slowed or halted (for example, if the crust encounters an obstruction or slower-moving crust). Because lava beneath the crust continues to move forward, it tends to drag the crust along. The crust then behaves like an accordian that is squeezed together--the crust is…

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Lava harvest helps BYU professor teach mining industry how to find copper, silver and gold

A type of lava formed from very fluid basaltic flows is called pahoehoe. In today’s geology picture of the day, we see a beautiful example of ropey.

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Sedimentary layers with bands of hematite, magnetite (gray-black), and jasper (red) in banded iron formations of northern Michigan, USA.

msugeology: Sedimentary layers with bands of hematite, magnetite (gray/black), and jasper (red) in Precambrian banded iron formations (BIFs) of northern Michigan, USA


Gary Randall, Liquid Hot Magma A close up of a lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Pinner: Once the lava cools we tend to pass it by, but I was amazed at the intricacy and patterns within. This 10 foot section over the lava tube was by far the most fascinating section I came across. Lava by Justin Reznick.

In December 2011, lava flows from Kilauea Volcano made a long journey to the sea. more from volcano researcher Stephen O’Meara.

In December lava flows from Kilauea Volcano made a long journey from to the sea. See photos from volcano researcher Stephen O’Meara on earthSky.