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Do pitoresco na cultura dos povos: phallus festival, Japão.

Jidai Matsuri Festival, Kyoto, Japan

A viagem de Pierre Verger ao Japão

Japan, 1930s by Pierre Verger

UFO Slaughtered, Military Capture ALIEN Dead

“Tuesday, 24th July The maiko (apprentice geisha) Katsumi taking part in the Hanagasa Junko procession, part of the month long Gion Festival. The festival takes place annually in Kyoto and is one of the most famous festivals in Japan.”

Oh Lord.

"The crows that live in Tokyo use clothes hangers to make nests. In such a large city, there are few trees, so the natural materials that crows need to make their nests are scarce. As a result, the crows occasionally take hangers from the people who live in apartments nearby, and carefully assemble them into nests. The completed nests almost look like works of art based on the theme of recycling." - Yosuke Kashiwakura