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Space Whale, Yohann Schepacz OXAN STUDIO on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/space-whale-8dc80b0f-ef7a-4345-8ddb-fdbcebf12ed1

Discover the art produced by visual development studio OXAN, a studio created by Yohann Schepacz and Yan Li, based in Montreal, Canada.

Digital Art inspiration

Digital art inspiration

In our popular Digital art galleries(formerly called Photoshop) we present a mixture of stunning photo manipulations, digital illustrations and other amazing digital art that we’ve stumbled upon on…

Mechs are awesome

Tau Battlesuit - The amount of kitbashing I can hardly comprehend. Various pieces of the Tau battletanks/crisis suits to make a mecha.

MG 1/100 MSN-04 Snow Sazabi - Custom Build Modeled by ihaveyen

rhubarbes: “ rhubarbes: “ MG Snow Sazabi - Custom Build. ” More robots here.

This is just awesome looking

The leathers i would need to go for a ride on a sports bike these days Lol Could hide it under a Leather jacket and pants :)


In game character outfit for 'Incognito' characters (FIGHTPUNCH // the art of darren bartley - cyberpunk futuristic sci-fi costume dark mysterious)


Perhaps you should have a look at our second inspiration pick,Ian McQue, an artist currently working for Rocksta

Protoss Titan II by

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