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My website: My facebook: << Man, I'll just call this one done and move on.. I've been staring myself blind on this one so I have to start something else. It was a welcome break from some of t...

Done for James Paick environment masterclass. A bladerunner inspired futuristic bar scene.

A little tribute to our beloved J.J... EDIT: Wohooo!!! Thank you very much for the DD! :3 Really honored!

Concept art for a Neill Blomkamp Alien movie nearly broke the internet early this year, and now the director says the movie is happening.


Spaceship concept art by HXH-dreamer. Keywords: concept spaceship digital art illustrations design by chinese concept ar.

Ocean Base Belltower Corridor Deus Ex 3 The Missing Link DLC Concept by Eric Gagnon

A 7 Day UDK challenge that i took up in order to get back to my personal work. Deus Ex Human Revolution was an awesome game and i simply couldn't resist. Deus Ex UDK Environment