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So majestic. O.O Legendary Pokemon...

I am a Pokémon freak! Give me a Pokémon and I can tell you everything about that certain Pokémon. I have been watching and playing Pokémon ever since I was real little. I am a Pokémon master!

Team Rocket and their Pokemon. James is best. Poor Pokemon that don't have james. And SHE has them.

James is to epic to be with team rocket! he cares and loves his pokemon so much! he is the best pokemon trainer to me!

That's right, there is more then one Pokemon/Gangnam crossover

20 Pokémon Jokes Only A Pokémaniac Will Understand

Funny pictures about Psy Beam. Oh, and cool pics about Psy Beam. Also, Psy Beam.

I'm not gonna lie but even now when I take something away from my pokemon a little part of me dies inside...

Previous comment >Don't You Feel Bad Taking Away a Held Item? I always do, so I give it another item to hold. My comment> I always feel bad!

Nom nom

We were overdue for an ice cream pokemon. Kadabra has been holding spoons for five generations now!

Quilava <3 Pokemon <3 ~I just flaily handsed so hard at this.

Characters Trapped Behind Smartphone Glass: Image Gallery

So many legends! Why weren't they all known at the beginning?

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