Idée de maquillage pour les yeux bleus et verts

Maquillage yeux verts en style vintage et élégant

Super hero eye makeup

19 Totally Bizarre Pieces Of Americana

"Makeup your Jangsara: Avengers: Captain America" (eye makeup red white blue fantasy comic glitter) sglrpick

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Bridal Makeover Bridal Perfect Natural Base Makeup - Latest Fashion Styles For Women’s 2016 2017

Trying to get used to this year's DARK lipstick trend...

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty: 2013 Edition

Dark lipstick back into fall makeup trends. The celebrities, fashion models, and women become more frequent lately daub dark lipstick color to display bold

Trucos de belleza económicos !!

Trucos de belleza con poco dinero

Creative Metallic Nail Art Designs In fact a study actually found that most men agreed that women with well- maintained and manicured finger nails are more attractive.

Makeup jenchusid

Makeup Idea Love this eye makeup. Smoky Eyes + Nude Lip 5 natural-looking makeup looks Eye Make Up Ideas

purple make over

You can have fun with your makeup, use a heavy smokey purple eye shadow and pale pink frosted lipstick for an exotic look.



YES PLEASE. how to do this??? so pretty! (not for every day of course lol)

Makeup Ideas : 2014 Green Eye Makeup Styles With Green Eyes Modern and Popular Eye Makeup Styles For Women Eye Makeup Styles. Makeup Styles For Brown Eyes. Eye Makeup Styles For Brown Eyes.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Pretty Makeup: False eyelashes, white eyeliner in water line, thin black eyeliner on top, nude lipgloss, and pink blush. But probably lighter on the blush. And I'm not really into false eye lashes lol