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Christmas Day is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ i. December and it is a holiday worldwide in all the Nations. The birth year of Christ Jesus is estimated between 7 and 2 BC. This day is also known as Xmas. So here we are providing you.

Nei giorni del 13, 14 e 21 dicembre 2014 si sono tenute le giornate dedicate ai Mercatini Natalizi. È stata l’occasione per incontrarci e parlare di temi importanti, educazione e istruzione, due storie che si incontrano nel futuro di tutti noi.  A tutti coloro che credono nella Be With Us Onlus e in tutto quel che fa e rappresenta, un grazie di cuore!

Christmas market, in Collesalvetti, Dec., in Via Roma

Christmas Tree ● Santa

Christmas tree stand --Sew Many Ways.: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree. This tree looks amazing and everything is so easy to store again for next year!


Create some easy holiday candle decor. Tie Cinnamon sticks around a glass candle holder. I would use a rubber band to hold the cinnamon sticks in place, than tie a pretty ribbon over it.

candy cane candles are perfect for a red and white christmas theme. Plus, it's super easy to make! just glue candy cane sticks with a hot glue gun with a red (or white!) colored candle.

Candy Cane Candles This favorite Christmas treat is sweet to eat and to use as a decoration. Wrap the candle base with double-stick carpet tape and press candy canes onto the tape around the diameter of the candle