Gareki is just so sassy

Anime : Karneval Name : Gareki

Anime: Karneval  Character name:Gareki

Anime: Karneval Character name: Gareki

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Self-indulgent doodle; Tobio-chan in winter clothes (probably waiting for his carrothead date to arrive). Being at home has triggered too many panic attacks.

Even if Gareki looks like a jerk at times he still loves Nai!

#wattpad #random Es hora de Osomatsu-san en WhatsApp.   Aunque sus converesaciones no son muy largas siguen manteniendo el amor odio de hermanos :D  Disfrutad la lectura ^3^  Portada hecha por @YeniiMD ~^~

Osomatsu-san WhatsApp - #21

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ทวีตสื่อโดย TCB (@tcb0) | ทวิตเตอร์

ทวีตสื่อโดย TCB (@tcb0) | ทวิตเตอร์

Fuck.... esta parte me encanto!!!

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Sebastian - Moon 『黒執事 Book of the Atlantic』

Imagine having this guy doing a kabedon to you

Imagine having this guy doing a kabedon to you *nose bleed*

chicos de anime con pelo rosa | Viralízalo / Chicos de pelo rosa en el Anime

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Chrollo — This kinda feels NSFW...

Chrollo lucifer Hunter x Hunter

ibuki mangaka | Ibuki.(mangaka).full.1586157.jpg

ibuki mangaka | Ibuki.(mangaka).full.1586157.jpg

Terui Hanamiya from Super Darling!

This isn't "an japanese cartoon" it's anime, and manga.

Swagger boy

Hiroki Wagamama Na Koi❤

tyler on dog with a blog.

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