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Fresh Face Marko Bahor by Matevz Kosterov

Uomo di Carattere–Ace of Elite Toronto connects with photographer Irem Harnak for a new fall story.

Everyone needs to have this on there boards so help the cause pass it on

love every single of them, just look how handsome do they look. I-i cant handle this. *throws phone an dies*

What a beautiful human being


Y'all on somethin<<< bahaha too true, and yet I kind of understand the feels

Omg bruh just imagin this omg my heartu is throbing😂😂 he's so smol and cute

Soft Chanyeol with puppy

Soft Chanyeol with puppy i can't stop saving this!

Espero que tenha gostado! :3Até o próximo, bjs *^*


park-jimizzle: ““ make me choose → said: Orange hair or black haired jimin?

Jimin is the Type of boayfriend, who carrys all your stuff and bags

《Jimin Is the type of boyfriend》

☾ i always go back to our memories ☽ << ✓ >> # Storie brevi # amreading # books # wattpad

Image result for min yoongi boyfriend material

This is him helping me with homework thru facetime

@SUGARn92 เจอที่ไหนบอกได้น้าาา

미소천사💐 on

ah Canada- it's thanksgiving today- but it's also jimin birthday (in Korea). So I'm gonna be spamming Jimin because I'm thankful for him

Seriously, don’t ever change a thing. | 18 Reasons Why Ed Sheeran Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

Seriously, don't ever change a thing.

J-E-S-U-S - Sehun EXO ❤️

O Sehun e tão Deus, que daqui a pouco tão pedindo pra ele abir o mar


My lovely Jungkook in a beanie~~ omg Jungkook you’re so amazing 😍