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Remy Martin Louis XIII / Bot.1980s £1,950

A bottling of Remy Martin's fabulous top cuvee, Louis XIII. Presented in the traditional decanter, this is a rare bottle indeed and shows off some of the best Cognac has to offer.

L'édition limitée Jolin Tsai pour Rémy Martin

Chinese market 'dancing queen' and pop star, Jolin Tsai has her own Remy Martin limited edition bottle now. Ms Tsai is the star and brand ambassador of the Remy

The Louix XIII decanter is a very special bottle of Rémy Martin. A Grande Champagne 1er Cru - and one of the world's finest, unique Cognac blends.  An ultra premium Cognac, part of a very exclusive range and sub brand of Rémy Martin. The selected spirits are not chosen after the matuering process but are identified as young eaux-de-vie, directly after the distillation.

The Remy Martin Louis XIII is truly a special bottle of Cognac. Revered around the world, it's the showcase of all that's great about this illustrious Cognac house


Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Edition

Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Edition - a specially packaged bottle sold exclusively at London's Heathrow airports. The matte black bottle also includes iconic Old packaging, two commemorative glass tumblers, as well as black and gold gift box.

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Remy Martin's Louis XIII Cognac

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Rémy Martin | Louis XIII Cognac | Black Pearl

Remy Martin Black Pearl was drawn from a single 100 year-old tiercon (blending cask) that contained small quantities of 1200 different eaux-de-vie (some of which were over 100 years old).

Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880-I can never get tired of this. The aroma alone takes you someplace you forgot you had been.

Grand Marnier Cuvée can never get tired of this. The aroma alone takes you someplace you forgot you had been.

val's chaotic mind

Loosely, this comes from Breaking Bad Season wherein Don something is given a bottle of tequila named Zafiro Ańejo. I love a good tequila. It's the only liquor I truly enjoy. Unfortunately, it was a fictional product based loosely on a Hardy Cognac.