Whaleback Lighthouse by Frederick Millett

Whaleback Lighthouse by Frederick Millett

Troubridge Hill lighthouse - Edithburgh, Australia

Troubridge Hill lighthouse - Edithburgh, South Australia, Australia] Built of wedge shaped red clay brick this light is on the coast opposite Troubridge Is.

Phare de la Vieille - Raz de Sein - Finistère - Bretagne,  France - (Breton, celtic, French)

La Vieille known as The Old Lady is a lighthouse on the northwest coast of France. It lies on the rock known as Goriebella, guiding mariners in the strait Raz de Sein.

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Related image

Beautiful shot.

Beautiful shot.

The Green and Red Lighthouse...Denmark...Halsingor Lighthouse

Green And Red Lighthouses Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image: 3945635

*Reflection of a Lighthouse

ʀєʄℓєᏣɬɨσŋ (The Lighthouse reflection by Geoff Burgess)

Lighthouse near Pancevo, Serbia! by Sanja Balan and Tomislav Kralj of Photos287

Lighthouse near Pancevo, Serbia Faerie Magazine's photo. My town 😊

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse located in Bristol, Maine. (Nikon D100 using the 18-70 zoom lens - 1/350th sec at f8). Photo by Dick Pratt.

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse located in Bristol, Maine. (Nikon using the zoom lens - sec at Photo by Dick Pratt.

Rozewie Lighthouse, Poland.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

This lighthouse is operated by the maritime office. The lighthouse was established in