Okami by thedarkestseason.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Did another drawing of Okami. I used the sword I drew for the Inuyasha drawing- cause I liked it so much! Been on a Japanese kick lately.

200 criaturas míticas – Parte 1

Tengu are incredibly popular supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. They also continue to make app.

Session The Amatatsu Scions Having slain the half-fiend decapus in the basement of Brinewall, the heroes emerged from the castle to an unexpected sight. A large caravan had approached the castle,.

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Samurai Inspired Art by Adrian Smith ARTIST: Adrian Smith Rising Sun is a samurai inspired board game from Guillotine Games & CMON. More Samurai Art to lose ur head over: ● Samurai.