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View photos of animal mothers and their babies describing The Beauty Of Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom. Celebrate Mothers Day with beautiful wildlife photos.

just a perfect piece of wisdom....

Animal Rights ~Martin Luther King Jr

It doesn't get any more adorable than this.

These 17 Animal Family Photos Will Put Your Ordinary Family Portraits To Shame.

Psalm 144:15 Daily Relevance Verse 10/2/13

Marxist: this picture is Marxist because the baby represents the delicate undeveloped nature of a capitalistic economy therefore rendering that type of economy as a bad idea. Lennie is unaware of the harm he is causing to his best friend George.

Resultado de imagem para senhor é meu pastor

Don't be a sheep, if ewe can be a lamb.

Beautiful and sweet ! <3...till they eat everything, including every root to every green living thing

Mother Sheep with her Baby Lamb on the Farm - Motherly Love!

♥ ~ ♥ Sheep ♥ ~ ♥

Lovely loving sheep make me happy.

The camel cuddle... Photo by Rainforest Site

Mama camel watching over her babycamel

ALL animals -- human AND nonhuman -- want to love, be loved, and enjoy their freedom. BE VEGAN and end the part YOU play in upholding "acceptable" violence, animal cruelty, and exploitation inside cultural "norms" of society. Acknowledge the VICTIMS of your eating habits, etc., and turn your heart towards justice rather than injustice. It's never too late to learn reverence for life. www.vegankit.com, www.freefromharm.org, & www.howtogovegan.org

Mommy Loves Baby: Adorable Baby Animals With Their Moms


Mamma and baby sheep

My sheeple

Superb Nature - Pasarela by Eliseo Miciu

In a Sheep's Eye ✿⊱╮

(via In a sheep’s eye Art Print by Pauline Fowler ( )

Especially when I keep beating myself up. It's weird that no one else knows I'm beating myself up except You and You keep telling me to stop

For being a father,a mother and a friend thank you Lord

Baby as the day passes by it becomes more and more difficult for me. I have changed the gym too cuz I couldn't take it going without u.

Hard to Stop Missing Someone. Have you ever lost track of someone that you once loved so much and because you were so young, angry and mixed up you said goodbye to the that person?

My prayer for my precious daughter that Our God allowed me to raise into an amazing young woman!!❤️

A Daughter's Prayer

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer for my son.

Thank u father for my beautiful bid Daniel & Jakob. Comfort them, guide them & protect them. Help raise them to be obedient Christian men! I'm Jesus name I pray 🙏