The Art Of Animation, Marcin Jakubowski

Illustration inspiration

Gamedec - Torkil Aymore A poster painted for Gamedec universe created by SF writer Marcin Przybylek. It's Torkil Aymore the protagonist and his demons. He lives in parallel worlds of true and virtual reality.

When the Old Gods Return pt. 2

When The Old Gods Return

Funny pictures about When The Old Gods Return. Oh, and cool pics about When The Old Gods Return. Also, When The Old Gods Return photos.

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The creator of Halo, Bungie, presents a impressive collection of Concept art for Destiny See Also : Destiny Trailer

Searching, Search

MTG Theros Gods - Album on Imgur

I don't know why but my fave is the god of horizons :-P The art of the Theros block gods