In the picture above, you can see a few of the mandala flowers I experimented with last year when I was working through some yarn bombing ideas for Yarndale. These pretty, circular articles of crochet ended up being pinned to the wall

Ravelry: SPOKE & PICOT MOTIFS by CAROcreated design

SPOKE & PICOT MOTIFS pattern by CAROcreated design

All patterns in one place thanks Lucy ...Attic24

Some of the mandalas she has received for her yarndale project, from Lucy at Attic 24

toni crochet mandalas for mandalasformarinke project thought of and herded by crochetconcupiscence dot com

This contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project comes to us from Toni. There are four Mandalas, two medium size colour variations of Marinkes

RBSCrochet Mandala Coaster Pattern  These mandalas work well as coasters and also make great decorations.   Size: Each coaster is approximately 4 ¼” in diameter, but will vary based on yarn and hook used.  Level: This is an intermediate level pattern. Multiple rounds are worked into the same round. However, 121 pictures are included detailing all of the more complicated stitches.  Pictured coasters are made with DK weight yarn, but any yarn can be used.  Available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Mandala Coaster pattern by Rachel Beth

Size: Each coaster is approximately 4 ¼“ in diameter, but will vary based on yarn and hook used.

Here’s a little more Sol Maldonado brilliance! Pouf floor pillow or Mandala Wall Art Hoop by Sol Maldonado.  Pattern for purchase on Ravelry here.

Mandala Pouf Cushion Crochet Pattern and Hoop Wall Art Ornament PDF Crochet Chic Mandala for the wall with the hoop or for the floor with the pouf!

It’s chilly outside and all the colours have a blue haze over them… Time to celebrate with a new mandala design! Inspired by wintery things, this mandala looks great on your wall or as a coaster or potholder.

Ravelry: Lazy Shade of Winter Mandala pattern for sale by Marinke Slump

overlay #crochet mandala pattern for sale

This mandala is worked in overlay crochet technique. This technique is deeply rooted in cable and Aran crochet. Overlay crochet created a symmetric textured design.

This pattern resembles a turning point in my crochet approach and it was done on my trip back home from my December holiday. I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I knew then that I will never again do the same old boring stuff I did for so many years. My creativity reached a turning point and it was a wonderful fresh start to a new year - a creative birth.

Star Birth Mandala pattern by Karen Adendorff