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The amazing cartoon world of Saul Steinberg a Jewish Romanian-born American cartoonist and illustrator

Saul Steinberg, 1967

Saul Steinberg - Drawing, 1967 (Gift of the artist to Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Saul Steinberg. 1954

“Saul Steinberg: A Biography,” by Deirdre Bair, is much less lively than one of Steinberg’s illustrations.

Saul Steinberg.

Saul Steinberg 1914 Steinberg defined drawing as "a way of reasoning on paper".

Girl in Bathtub, 1949. Gelatin silver print, 12 3/4 x 11 1/4″. The Saul Steinberg Foundation.

Saul Steinberg

Girl in Bathtub, Saul Steinberg, 1949 Gelatin silver print, 12 x 11 The Saul Steinberg Foundation.

Saul Steinbeg

Decor- Automatism Smile- Love Saul Steinberg's drawings on furniture. So playful and fun.