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#32 enjoy the little things - zombieland

The rules to survive Zombieland! (Yes, I know it's not TWD but "The Rules" worked, right?

Very Important Information - more people should follow this advise!

Zombie Emergency Procedure --although I'm disappointed with the whole zombie on fire thing.

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Zombieland (2009)

Minimalist Movie Poster: Zombieland by Jon E.

Read everyday before u leave the house. I LOVE these rules and the movie they came from

the rules of zombieland! rule number four: double tap!


Zombeeez -undead, once living

There's no I in team. But there is an I in pie. And there's an I in meatpie. The other go of meat is team. I dunno. #ShaunoftheDead

Keep Calm Shaun of the Dead. I am so sick of these Keep Calm things but.I do like Shaun of the Dead so.

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival: Quick Start Guide T-Shirt Designed by Azafran Source…

zombie printable | how to kill a zombie print How To Kill A Zombie Print image like this on the left third of door dec Name in zombie lettering on right 2/3

Survival Zombie Apocalypse: "How to Kill a Zombie.

Infographic: Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

said no one in the history of ever.  she's the worst.

So true - I so wish she would become zombie food.

Zombieland Rule 4 - Don't Be A Hero

Zombieland tagline: "Survival rule Don't be a hero" directed by: Ruben Fleischer starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin

Just for lol: Dates to remember for 2013

Movie/Book dates to remember Saw Beautiful Creatures already, Excited for The Host, Iron Man Despicable Me Percy Jackson and Catching Fire (so excited for this one)

Something I found on Etsy at some point. - SMinx

Zombie Defense Plan A

Zombie Shirt  Guns Dont Kill People TShirt by zedszombieranch, $20.00 Need to get this for Cody to replace the one that got lost when he moved back home.

Zombie Shirt - Guns Don't Kill People T-Shirt

Guns Don't Kill People Zombie and Larger T-Shirt

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Another great find on 'Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide' Framed Print by The Artwork Factory