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Medium rare NY Strip

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You can also use baking soda to tenderize meat.

Earrings from Mauro Felter

Setting Dye in Purchased Fabrics Retayne Dye Fixative

So, what’s stopping you from getting fit? An inability to get that much touted gym membership? Can’t afford all those expensive workout equipments? Now, let’s not allow these factors stop you from working out and lose weight, to get fit and sexy! Calisthenics exercises use body weight for resistance. It needs no equipment. These exercises strengthen and build muscles without the need of any dumbbells, barbells or balls.

Happy Monday guys! How was your Halloween weekend? Did you eat too much candy? We actually didn't get to eat that much candy because we ran out of the goods Halloween night, which was a good thing, but I may or may not have eaten too many of those pumpkin bars that I posted on Friday. I can't resist them at all, and if you missed the recipe then you need to make them! Since it's a new week and a new month, I will be de-sugarfying my body starting with this healthy and really…

#Repost @smoorelovin with @repostapp Long post in support of #blackoutforhealthcare Before the ACA I worked for a company that paid me barely above the poverty line and didn't provide any sort of insurance assistance. I paid $99 a month for a plan that would literally only help me if I had some sort of catastrophic event. That $99 meant I wouldn't have money for atleast one week of groceries but I made up for that by working at a restaurant on the weekends where I would take uneaten food…

Yesterday was an incredible experience. Sharing space with so many wonderful people of all ages genders and ethnicities. It was absolutely magical to see such beauty hope kindness and peaceful resistance. One thing I've been remarking on is how sweet and kind everyone was. Oftentimes I feel like a ghost and what I mean by that is that people walk past me like I'm not there. They brush past me nudging me to the side and don't say excuse me. They look through me as if I'm a ghost. Then…

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