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This is Gem. She is 17 and is mute. She loves horses, swimming, and she likes to rap in ASL sign language.

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This is Cloe, Cloe loves to shop. She is very confident and she She loves dogs taking selfies and fashion. Sister: Cleo Adopt (in comments) plz adopt both

This is Cloe. Older sister of Ava. She is really mature and looks out for everyone. Please adopt Cloe and Ava.

**ADOPTED**This is McKenna. She is 16 and would like no other siblings. She does well in school but focuses more on friends. She love to go out with them and shop with them and do everything with them! She gives attitude like a normal teenager and most of the time listens. Please adopt McKenna!

Age: 18 powers: none Siblings: one- Love 5 seconds of summer (adopted)

This is lily, she is 15. She likes photography and reading magazines. *ADOPTED*>>> cute

Adopted by Mad Panda: This is Nicole she is She loves flowers, summer, clothes and loves to dance and sing!

This is Cassidy. She is 16 and loves fashion, taking selfies, ice cream, and going on the scariest roller coasters with her BFF's

hi it s me Cielo , Emma sister im 15 years old i love my sister Emma and Emma and Emma and ice cream and

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