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Packing for Bali and trying to decide which essential oils to bring with me for the week. Obviously I can't take them all! Dilemmas of an EO lover. #youngliving #essentialoils #eo #travels #bali #holiday #liburan

Even with his first head cold Arlo manages to smile and giggle in between nursing (which he wants to do a lot of today). Rubbing RC essential oil in his feet and diffusing Citrus Fresh and Thieves to clear the air of yucky cold germs. Love this little boy's good natured temperament so much. #arlo #sick #love #cute #smile #essentialoils #youngliving

My poor baby boy had a big fall this week and badly grazed and scratched his face as well as bruised his forehead. He has been a little warrior! I don't want him to get scars so I've mixed a very special blend for him of pure coconut oil with frankincense and geranium which I'm going to drop onto his wounds and rub gently into his skin a few times a day till he heals. Frankincense is the most versatile of all the oils and will help with inflammation and healing while the most delicious…

Baby is finally asleep. I have my K-tea lemon essential oil infused chilled water and dark chocolate on-hand and am ready to do some work! I've become quite adept at doing a lot in small blocks of nap-time lengths. #mamahood #workingmum #kombucha #chocolate #yum

Magical sleeping baby potions. In my endless quest to help my little guy sleep more soundly I've been experimenting with a few different essential oil blends. In addition to diffusing lavender which I've been doing since Arlo was born I've recently added rutavala (one drop on the sole of each foot) and Stress Away (one drop on back of the neck) and it does to be working a treat! Love my essential oils I need to share more about how I use them in my everyday life. Random fact: I own over 50…

Is it just being out of the city or being in Bali or just having a break that makes me so happy here? Maybe a combo of all! The city really stifles me and I realise how I need to get out of the concrete jungle regularly to get grounded and feel free. Feeding my Self Care Soul Food this week. Yay for being in Bali on holidays! #holidays #Lebaran #liburan #bali #fun #free #soulfood #selfcare

Us two both in turquoise and in holiday mode in Bali. What are you up to these holidays? #bali #holidays #turquoise

We had a delicious lunch today at Bali Asli beautiful setting and great fresh and organic Balinese food. The mocktail was an amazing infused water made from salak ginger cinnamon and lime- so refreshing. Recommended to eat if you are ever over East Bali. #bali #holidays #baliasli #lunch #latergram #yum #tasty #indonesia #masakanindonesia

Every day in Bali I've been enjoying drinking fresh juice at every opportunity. Today was the first time I drank a Kintamani Juice which was a blend of tamarillo lime and orange. Quite tart but refreshing. Was able to sip while enjoying the amazing view of Bukit Abang at Kintamani. Later we sat in the thermal hot spring water which is meant to have healing qualities. Such a lovely day in Bali! #holidays #bali #indonesia #kintamani #fresh #yum #delish #peace #relax

Beautiful Bali. I always feel like I've come "home" when I am here. Love the energy that oozes out of everywhere and the peaceful scenery and greenery. A far cry from stinky old Jakarta. Do you have a spiritual home and if so where?/#bali #holiday #green #ricefield #ubud #peaceful #soulfoods