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The Game of Thrones '80s/90s theme party continues in this awesome art

Members of House Targaryen think their dragons will keep them warm, but House Stark knows everyone needs all the extra warmth they can get when winter is coming. These Game of Thrones blankets will keep you bundled up warm at night.

Sense8's Transgender Star Jamie Clayton: 'We Are All Human Beings and There Is No Normal'

Game of thrones, Artwork.

Game of thrones, Artwork. I love how they all are very book based and then there's the imp.>>> True, I don't think he's meant to be quite that attractive, even before the Blackwater. But that's still amazing artwork !

Castle Black

Castle Black ~ Game of Thrones . This entire series is wonderful!

Jed Henry - Ukiyo-e Heroes Pokemon Ukiyo-e are the traditional woodblock prints from Japan, probably the most famous is the “Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai”. Mixing traditional Japanese art and Japanese vintage video games heroes

[Infographie] Pour tout comprendre des personnages de Game of Thrones

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