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I Need To Do This In My Office - From Top 100 Funny Need pics, photos and memes. - SillyCool

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Tumblr / iFunny :)

Some 13 year olds are also smart as hell and some 16 year olds are smart as hell so it's not an age thing.

It's not morse code

It's not morse code <<< yeah its REmorse code (a code that is not Morse and is probably fake for the pun)

cool Tumblr Tuesday 4-5 by http://dezdemonhumoraddiction.space/humor-quotes/tumblr-tuesday-4-5-2/

Tumblr Tuesday 4-5

Trying to have an arguement with my husband and it ends up like this........  How do you yell when you're trying hard not to laugh at him!!!!!

How to behave during an argument

Literally me... now I know why I don't have friends

I did this to my boyfriend not too long ago.he reacted the same as the friend.