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Things that Quicken the Heart: Circles - Mandalas - Radial Symmetry II


I see, as if I heard, a visionary noise of wind in a disturbance of foliage Drawings by Ric Heitzman Title: David Wright, from Deafness: A Personal Account. (via butdoesitfloat)

3D floral architecture by artist Macoto Murayama

With scalpel and software, artist Macato Murayama creates botanical illustrations that look like something that blossomed in outer space.

THEMIS  Sacred Geometry Art  OOAK by MerakiLabbe on Etsy, $65.00

THEMIS - Sacred Geometry Art - OOAK

Scott Albrecht is a Brooklyn-based artist/designer.  The mediums that he uses includes wood, collage and hand-drawn typography.

ScottAlbrecht making a geometric collage pattern out of found items (old magazines, newspapers, and other re-purposed paper items)


based on his research of botanical drawings and photography the japanese artist macoto murayama created the collection 'inorganic flora': a new form of plant depiction that transcends accepted (common, usual) horizons of botanical illustration'.

mandalas e seus significados - Pesquisa Google

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This artwork has a focus that grows from the middle which means this could be classified as Radial Balance in Principles of Design.


Mandala Design, Sacred Geometry, Fractals, Backgrounds, Mandalas, Backdrops

Por Water Wheel

Release your attachment to the way things have been, and wend your way joyfully through life's unfolding majesty --Jonathan Lockwood Huie (art;