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unless you almost start a fire cause the mixer broke with my girl lily

I can't even make cookies because most of it I've already eaten!

just girly things cookie dough.

just girly things || lol this is making me hungry...

I always try to get the most chocolatey cookie in the batch

Yes - California Life

Just Girly Things- my venti iced coffee- everyday

From Auntie Anne's...those cinnamon ones with the dip?! OMG

Jumbo pretzels is just a girly thing.

justgirlythings - Google Search

Just Girly Things.

Justgirlythings my fav treat

putting a lot of marshmallows in your hot chocolate

Lots of marshmallows in the hot chocolate just girly things

And in the morning i'm having Snapple. @Willow Fern

best feeling ever favourite snapple lemonade & tea and green tea


just girly things♥ yesssss


Every bite making your mouth water for

own a pair of Uggs.


My mother bought me my pair of Uggs as a Christmas gift. Now I have a camel and Black pair of Uggs boots.

You can and it is unlimited.

Just Girl Things

Snuggle.....and a hot cup of java!!

Cute, fuzzy socks on cold days

Just girly things

Me and Lexi!

Just girly things

&& i hate movies

interweber:    oh ok    #justgirlythings auto-reblart

Wrapping Blankets Around You