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Centro Cultural Heydar Aliyev

Oscar Niemeyer: Poetica de la forma

Oscar Niemeyer

Château d’eau (Water Tower), 1963-1971, Valence, France | André Gomis, Tloupas Philolaos

Seeking Shelter: Patkau Architects' Winnipeg Wind Breakers

Modern ice-fishing shelters: Each shelter is formed of thin, flexible plywood which is given both structure and spatial character through bending/deformation. Skins, made of 2 layers of 3/16th inch thick flexible plywood, are cut in patterns and attached to a timber armature which consists of a triangular base, and wedge shaped spine and ridge members (the ridge is a line to negate the gravity loads of snow).

Apex Drive, Frimley (1966) by Laurence Abbott. Image from My Great Building.

Caroline Springs Civic Centre and Library by Suters Architects

Iberê Camargo Museum (ICM) by Álvaro Siza in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Exterior facade detail. Photo © Fernando Alda

Utrecht University Library - Wiel Arets Architects

icaronycteris: Enrique de la Mora, Alberto González Pozo y Leonardo Zeevaert: Edificio para Seguros Monterrey, Polanco, México D.F., 1960-62 (detalle)

Office Buildings, Street Prague 56, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City 1965 Architect Agustin Hernandez