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Shop Lately at the Races! -   Fashion Addict, this would be really nice with black tights, and a black leather jacket/blazer

Ecstasy Models

This outfit is cute without the hat because my mom already has that hat and I dont like that hat on me. But it looks really pretty with the dress. It almost looks like a minnie mouse dress but I should be red with white dots

Using photo-manipulation, artist James C. Lewis: I wanted to portray the regal beauty of each Orisha while also representing their majestic sensuality.

These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

YEMOJA by Noire 3000 - aka James C Lewis Yemoja is the African Goddess of the Ocean and the patron diety of pregnant women.

The 15 Wittiest Things Oscar Wilde Ever Said

The 15 Wittiest Things Oscar Wilde Ever Said

Déco ♦

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Vintage Blue Mason Jars and Blue Bottles with Pink Roses, I love these colors together. ~ Mary Walds Vintage Place Vintage Blue Bottles & pink roses- really liking the vintage look for this wedding

"The sexiest people are thinkers. Nobody’s interested in somebody who’s just vain with a hole in their head, talking about the latest thing — there is no latest thing. It’s all rubbish.”                     Vivienne Westwood

& sexiest people are thinkers.s interested in somebody who?s just vain with a hole in their head, talking about the latest thing ? there is no latest thing.s all rubbish.


Fashion & the 1950’s

For the December Vogue, Cecil Beaton captures Audrey Hepburn, as Eliza Doolittle. Audrey Hepburn photographed by Cecil Beaton for a fashion editorial about the style of “My Fair Lady”

Sheet Music Art by Mike Lemanski: mike_lemanski_1_20120321_1804430785.jpeg

Sheet Music Art by Mike Lemanski

link doesn't lead to image, but love the idea of doodling on a sheet of music. Free printable sheet music with people! How unique

Moda para mujeres de 40 años (31) - Curso de Organizacion del hogar

Moda para mujeres de 40 años (31

Wrinkled Past fot Harshit Thaker "An Old Rabari Women, here telling the stories of her life, she told us the Story of a 'Bhua', Bhua's are Rabari Village's Saint, they consider them as Messengers of god, All Rabari's Follow a 'Bhua', They Believe in every word of 'Bhua', so much so that, if a 'Bhua' proclaims its 'Night' in Middle of Hot day, they will Believe it !"

Phot by Harshit Thaker "Like any other old woman, I like to tell my stories. Telling each other our stories is a traditional way that women have always shared their knowledge and their wisdom.