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#TBT Dental hygiene always has and always will be important!

Orthodontic Facts “The first toothbrush.” Nalchajian Orthodontics - 7501 N Fresno St, Suite Fresno, CA 93720 Phone: 432 7100

Teeth grinding from cause and treatment...#health #healthytips

Prevent Clenching Or Grinding Teeth If none of the above works see your dentist. Make an appointment right away for these symptoms:

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants Infographic #DentistOrem

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Signs you may suffer dental health services...#dentalhealth #dentalhealthtips

Tips for Dental Health

Great trivia - a visual history of Dental Advances - from the #ASDA blog

Great trivia - a visual history of Dental Advances info graphic from an Ohio dentist.

Tips for Taking Care of your Braces and Teeth - www.forgreatsmiles.com - Dr. Trent Lofgren, DDS

Braces Tips: Make the most of your orthodontic treatment by learning what to eat and what to avoid. Some foods are too hard and may damage the wires or brackets.

Dentaltown - Dentally Incorrect

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To see is to know...not to see is to guess.  We MUST take x-rays to see what is not visible with the naked eye.

So many patients just worry about the radiation, not realizing the greatness of dental xrays. There are many reasons that dentists take x-rays of the teeth. Know the most common reasons why in this infographic

You can prevent more of dreaded diseases by maintaining a proper #dentalhygiene. Here is how!!

Why Maintaining a Good Dental Hygiene Is Important

Thumb Sucking

Do you know someone who thumb sucks? Did you know that If thumb sucking persists after the primary baby teeth have erupted, it can change the growth patterns of the jaw, and cause significant misalignment of the teeth.