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садху, Варанаси (Индия). Фото / Sadhu. Photo

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Holy Cow, India ★ ♥ ♡༺✿ ☾♡ ♥ ♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ♥❀ ♢♦ ♡ ❊ ** Have a Nice Day!

South India...I actually received several of these flower garlands. They smell amazing and I was honored.

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Así patinaremos con  mi compañera

rolling along through life together. This will be me in a few decades! Doing something unexpected for my age!


A Rabari woman sits at Than Monastery. Rabari women usually wear black skirts and blouses edged with elaborate embroidery, as well as plentiful jewellery and tattoos.

Sadhu, Maha Kumbh, India

On the day before a "Madhi Purnima Snan", I found this sadhu in his yard at sangam, Maha Kumbh. He actually got ready to perform his daily puja (rituals) and before starting it he was meditating for a brief moment. Picture taken at Maha Kumbh,

Portrait of a woman from the Rabari tribe wearing traditional clothing and jewellery in the village of Chhadvara, located roughly 100km from Bhuj in the Kutch District

Chhadvara, Gujarat, India - March 2012 She is from the village of Chhadvara, located roughly from Bhuj in the Kutch District


Ganges River - 'The Offering' in the sacred and pure river. This man is praying in the holy waters of India. This river is one of the holy hindu rivers specified for worship

Llama, llama.....

Alpaca and friend. via Libby VanBuskirk, author of "Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories about Inca Life." There is a lot in the book about inca people's weaving and its meaning in their life.aka alpaca, now my favorite animal