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Awww! That's cute! @Eleanor Smith Smith Calder

Aww I love how he got to know her before they started dating

Why dose it matter who we ship we are suppose to support them not break them and that's what we are doing and you Larry shippers don't say it's Eleanor's fault because it's not it OUR yes that includes you why can't we ship Larry like we ship Ziall as a bromance and if you ship them as a ROMANCE then that's cool to but keep it to your self.I want the old Directioners back let's get #SorryHarryAndLouis trending to show we respect them and it also says sorry to Eleanor let's start…

guys we need to apologize to Louis and Eleanor and harry. Doesn't matter if you ship larry or not, lets get trending!

yes, I know I've pinned it before, but this is one of the best things ever so I will pin it again.

I just spent the last ten minutes laughing at this comment.

they are seriously the cutest couple ever<<<< you Can't go to Bed, Without a cup Of tea

they are seriously the cutest couple ever<<<< you Can't go to Bed, Without a cup Of tea

omfg theres more pics of them in the car . thats louis and harry

He's just so perfect. So is El. I ship them so hard. I still love you though El!

Come on, guys. He's obviously upset about all this. Seriously, larry isn't real and it breaks my heart to see harry so upset. So just except Elounor and get on with your lives. {---Thank you.

This is messed up. I'm sick and tired of it! Thank goodness Liam is there to brighten the mood. Gosh this is absolute rubbish. I'd love to give that interviewer a proper slap to the face.>> LIAM SAVED THE DAY ♥

Eleanor Calder. The most perfect couple of all timw i am not even kidding

Aww I would sooo wanna be her bestie if I met her because she always seems really nice.