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one of my favourite of 20 internal illustrations for black library novella 'the unkindness of ravens' raven guard

Chaplain Grimaldus - For the Warhammer Codex: Space Marines, by Igor Sid

W30K Horus Heresy -  Raven Guard

First set of Forge World Horus Heresy book series pictures.

fortyk: “ Deathwatch Librarian by slothart ”

“Amongst a hundred men, there may be none fit for the Adeptus Astartes. Amongst a hundred Space Marines, there may be one fit for the Deathwatch.

CHARGE by ~kingmong on deviantART

This is a special cover for the "Damnation Crusades" Issue 3 comic. I suppose it's limited(I'm only guessing). This is one of my more ambitious cover for the series, because it h.

Ruclisiarch Grimaldus fighting alongside his cousins of the Celestial Lions Chapter, moreover what is left of his cousins, for fighting right next to him is Pride-Leader (Sergeant) Ekene Dubaku, this battle on Armageddon will go down in the books as one of the greatest stands against the green tide in the history of the Sons of Dorn

Pict-capture of Pride Leader Ekene Dubaku of the Celestial Lions fighting alongside Chaplain Grimaldus of the Black Templars during the Second Mannheim Gap Siege

18342054_1314525475249585_7817419238132800734_n.jpg (480×512)

18342054_1314525475249585_7817419238132800734_n.jpg (480×512)

Disney Princess' as 40k Marines

Disney Princess' as 40k Marines

Lars Orcan - Raven Guard Techmarine by Greyall

Our favourite Meteor-Hammer wielder, Delvarus. Hope you like him, guys, I tried to mix the newest Forgeworld style with some Old-School tones.

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