theartofanimation:Jie Ma

Explore the art of Jie Ma, Chinese Artist who's recently worked on NeverWinter's Night, Olympus Has Fallen, The Last Stand

cyber_city_by_seannash-d5z5ker.jpg (3000×4000)

cyber_city_by_seannash-d5z5ker.jpg (3000×4000)

City on the water Concept by *JoshCalloway on deviantART

City on the water Concept by JoshCalloway on DeviantArt & Interfaces / Desenvolvimento Game Art / Jogo Art / Ambientes & Tiles

'Taking off' by Levente Peterffy

Keywords: concept sci-fi science fiction spaceship illustrations drawings painting design by lev.

Fantasy Art: The Long Way Up

Cristi Balanescu is a concept artist who has worked for companies like Ubisoft and Fantasy Flight Games. Love his style. The rough stuff always gets to me.

Diagnostics, Christopher Balaskas on ArtStation at

The superb science fiction art of Christopher Balaskas, an illustrator and concept artist based in the United States.