Cannabis - old medicine. Medical Uses Of Marijuana Despite having negative associations to addiction, the marijuana plant definitely has countless medical properties. Its medicinal history can be traced back to 1839 when William O’Shaughnessy first introduced the drug. Back then it was already used as a sedative and painkiller.

ONE IN A MILLION!! New addition to my poison/quack medicine collection! 1947-1959 Sandoz Pharmaceuticals L.S.D. (ACID) UCLA Testing/Research Trial bottle. I knew these had to be out there somewhere but NEVER thought I would find one!! The bottle itself is a very crude, early ABM bottle, mold seem go's all the way up through the lip, also has LSD printed/pressed in the top of cork. Very Neat Bottle!!


Single Day: Outubro Rosa

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Medical marijuana is a part of our history.

The Sisters of the Valley são duas freiras que serviram como objeto principal dessa série de fotografia de Shaughn Crawford e John DuBois. Direto da Califórnia, as irmãs se consideram religiosas, mas não católicas e/ou tradicionais. Elas cultivam maconha de acordo com os ciclos da lua antes de colherem a planta para fazer remédios e vender (...)

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Arsenic.. used as rat poison in the historical household.. and as a wine "additive" by certain little old ladies

Cannabis cough syrup.

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