Metallica Probably my favorite band of all time.) I've loved them since I was 15 yrs old.

Metallica, Kill 'Em All*****: Imagine being some 16 year old kid back in '83 (I was 13 myself), and hearing this for the first time. I didn't hear it for the first time until '89, after "And Justice" came out. By then, the music had gotten much heavier. But in '83, this must have been scary heavy (or, as my Bostonian friends might say "wicked Haaad." 7/19/15

Metallica Kill Em All f***ing brutal. it's incredible how fully realized they were from the first album. it was a new vision of metal. every song is a classic. one of the best metal albums, and one of the best albums, of all time.

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Metallica Classic heavy metal rock psychedelic music poster ☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱ レ o √ 乇 !

Metallica ‎– The First 30 Years

Metallica - The First 30 Years (Limited Edition 7")

- Exclusive single only released to Metallica MET members - Recorded live in San Francisco in 2011 Tracklist A So What (Live) B Through The Never (Live)

Garage Inc. One of the reasons I became a Metaller

Metallica Garage Inc. on on Metallica's Own Blackened Recordings LabelA clearinghouse of every must-hear cover song Metallica recorded, Garage