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Clodion (Claude Michel) (French, 1738–1814). Bacchus and a Nymph with a Child and Grapes, ca. 1790–1800. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913 (14.40.679)

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Asteria - Goddess of the Stars Greek Mythology Art Print

Astéria ~ Deusa das Estrelas ~ Mitologia Grega - Pintura de Emily Balivet - USA

STORY. Pergamon Museum Detail of the Gigatomachia Frieze depicting the "Clash of the Titans" where the greeks gods take on the Giants.The frieze is over 100 meters long,covering the entire base of the Altar of Zeus in the Ancient Greek city of Pergamon.The remains of the Frieze have been restored in Berlin's Pergamon Museum.

Colossal bust of Zeus known as "Jupiter of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Paris I

Hercules (Heracles) ("Epitrapeizos"), Roman statue (bronze) modelled after Lysippus, 1st century AD (original 4th c. BC), (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples).

Artemis, the Greek goddess responsible for the nurture of wild animals as well as the hunt. Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, she became assimilated with the Great Goddess of fertility who had been worshiped on Cyprus for centuries. Artemis carries a quiver and is accompanied by a fawn.

Hera was the wife and one of three sisters of Zeus in the Olympian pantheon of Greek mythology and religion. Her chief function was as the goddess of women and marriage. Her counterpart in the religion of ancient Rome was Juno. The cow and the peacock were sacred to her. Hera's mother was Rhea and her father Cronus.

Pluto and Proserpina. The Rape of Proserpina is a large Baroque marble sculptural group by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, executed between 1621 and 1622. Bernini was only 23 years old at its completion. Wikipedia