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When someone says I'm to old for Pixar movies....they definitely have a problem haha

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IM TRYING TO SWIM HERE what the ocean isn't big enough for you or something like that? you got a problem buddy huh? Do ya? do ya? do ya? ooh yeah I'm scared now what 😅

To infinity and forward.

If you get it, you are awesome… It's to infinity and beyond! So yes, I am awesome.

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I love all of these couples! Disney couples and their love songs are what I love for!

I chuckled.

Pascal would make the best comedian! Face it, the funny parts were mainly caused by Maximus and Pascal

Actually it isn’t a mystery…

That moment when your teacher says "The missing nose of the Sphinx is a mystery.

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what types are all the Disney princesses? is Snow white a Disney princess fashion. i'm trying to decide which Disney princess fashion i'd look best in. ether Jasmine Tiana or Rapunzel. i think Rapunzel

Melody is so forgotten that she wasn't even included on the FORGOTTEN list

Melody is so forgotten that she wasn't even included on the FORGOTTEN list But, Melody by the Disney rules CAN'T be considered a Disney princess.

Oh dory

When someone says I'm too old for pixar movies. you got a problem, buddy? Do ya? DO YA? DO YA?


Does anyone else notice that Merida and Rapunzel stay smiled and have a look of joy while Elsa and Anna go from smiled to sad and serious like the joy and happiness of their childhood is gone? Disney kids to Disney teens Anna, Merida, Elsa, Rapunzel

Disney's on to something.

One of Pixar’s darkest jokes // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - And if you really pay attention, you'll see that these are pretty common in Disney flicks.

Disney Video Confirms Theory That All Pixar Films Are Connected

Take Your Pix-ar: Disney Video Confirms Our Dreams That All Pixar Films Are Connected

A Disney video proves the theory that the Pixar Easter Eggs mean that everything from 'Nemo' to 'Toy Story' share a universe.

Aladdin and Belle

I always thought it was referencing beauty and the beast. Cause the same things happen in beauty and the beast. In Aladdin it's not a spell. It's just a genie with magic. In beauty and the beast it's actually a spell on the castle.