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If there’s one thing the merc with a mouth loves almost as much as Bea Arthur, it’s a good chimichanga. Or even a mediocre chimichanga. Preferably Cable’s chimichanga, served by Bea Arthur.

The more I learn about Deadpool...the more I love him. Amazing art! Wanna draw like that! Just, how do you make the pen and ink work black? I mean, every time I scan my inked stuff in, it comes in gray and brownish. So, how do you make the ink work black without darkening the paper?

I love Deadpool

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Baby Groot←Peter looks so pround! And Rocket may feel like his toddler just learned to talk :) Baby Groot is so precious!

Holy Chimichangas! 'Deadpool' Releases Cheeky Character Bios:

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Deadpool & Spider-Man... ohmygod, i'm screaming here XD

My art Spiderman Deadpool doodle SuperFamily

Kitchen Overlord - Super Mario 1up Pizza Rolls Illustrated Recipe

Mushroom Pizza Rolls Illustrated Recipe from Kitchen Overlord

When someone asks if you're a cooking God, you say YES. Illustrated Geek Recipe for Stay Pufft Marshmallow Heads from Kitchen Overlord.

Deadpool has the most relatable of origin stories. [Ultimate Spiderman S02E16 - Ultimate Deadpool]

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Ultimate Spiderman - Ultimate Deadpool - "Ninjas stole my mama.

Deadpool 27 Page 10

Why I love Deadpool. - Imgur

Why I love Deadpool.

Jar Jar Binks is an abomination! Jar Jar Binks is an abomination!

Avenger Newbies at adorable play.

I demand a comic for baby vengers!

Deadpool And Pancakes 1

"I love the smell of pancakes in the morning. Smells like victory." I had a friend recently ask me to describe Deadpool.


Hey Deadpool how it feels be part of x-men origins?

10 Deadpool Infographics More Satisfying Than 100 Chimichangas

Think you know everything about Deadpool? View Deadpool Infographics More Satisfying Than 100 Chimichangas" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Kitchen Overlord - Nightmare Before Christmas Illustrated Recipe for Lemon and Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

This Halloween, instead of sucking up to Sandy Claws, pay homage to the Skeleton King with these madness inducing lemon and chocolate pinwheels based on the Nightmare Before Christmas.

A box of Deadloops also comes with some free, cannon-appropriate swag. | These Cereals Based On Comic Book Characters Are Awesome

These Cereals Based On Comic Book Characters Are Awesome

Deadpool {And other marvel heros} cereal