Clara Bow~the IT girl...OMG me and the IT girl have the same hairrr!

silent-film star and original It girl Clara Bow shares equal responsibility for the rash of shorter styles in the

Clara Bow

:: Clara Bow :: That's a rosebud lip and big eye look.


Madge Bellamy (June 1899 – January was an American stage and film actress who was a popular leading lady in the and early

Evelyn Nesbit    circa 1915. So inspiring.

A Study, No. 1 / Rudolph Eickemeyer / 1901 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases Images Online for Non Commercial Use photography history black and white

Clara Bow hat 1920s 1927

1920s Hat Styles for Women- History Beyond the Cloche Hat

Hanging Out ☆ Clara Bow ☆ Visiting Victor Fleming filming & Rough Riders" ☆

Clara Bow (the it girl) was a box office draw in the 1920's and is described as its leading sex symbol. She appeared in 46 silent films and 11 talkies. Clara Bow stared in the very 1st Academy Award winning motion picture Wings. (1927)

Dapper Flapper ☆ Clara Bow (age ☆ My Lady of Whims ☆ Directed by Dallas M.

Sulochana (1907–1983), (real name Ruby Myers) was an Indian silent film star of Jewish ancestry, although it is unclear whether she descended from an Ashkenazi family, Bene Israeli family, or both. In her heyday she was one of the highest paid actresses of her time. She was awarded the 1973 Dada Saheb Phalke Award, India's highest award in cinema for lifetime achieveme

Sulochana (real name Ruby Myers, she was probably Bene Israeli) Indian silent film