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This looks similar to work Gregory Davis & Associates has done for their clients! Talk about curb appeal :) If you LOVE succulents and you'd like your whole Los Angeles landscape designed by us, go to: http://www.gdalandscape.com
Treliça na parede fundo para trepadeira
this is my idea of great landscaping. Sculptural shapes of the plants and rocks, gravel. No need to water, prune or clean up leaves/debris. Keep the weed out and run the hose over it once in a while. SOLD.
Big green Aeonium urbicum above Agave Blue Glow, Echeveria 'Ruffles', Kalanchpe 'Flapjack', Echeveria Perl von Nurnberg
Live in California?!? You need need drought friendly gardens that look beautiful like these!  California Friendly Design Ideas | Roger's Gardens
We were influenced by the many lush tropical gardens in our coastal neighbourhood and overseas, too, she says. Tropical plants are also amazingly hardy. It also helps that Bilgola is full of red volcanic soil so everything grows really well! - Jolene's Gardening
Beautiful Succulent Garden | Extraordinary Landscapes in San Luis Obispo County - Succulent Gardens
Groundcover - blue chalk sticks (in betw kangaroo paws)