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found by isabella sheehan @isabellameans

(Closed) "Five years felt like an eternity. "It feels like the US is poking a bear with a stick. They keep holdin' us back. We could end this whole thing easily… I can't leave unless I make a change, Katherine.

Olivia looked down at Aydri. She was still asleep,but Olivia was glad for that. It didn't seem like Aydri. But Livie knew it was Aydri. What other alien would have perfect pitch black nail polish.

I have forgotten your voice but the flowers whisper sounds like you by Anna O.

He remembers some things. Not many, of course-- but he remembers. Fear. Blood on the snow, the freezing, biting cold-- he was never made for cold, he knows-- ropes around his wrists, a pounding headache-- betrayal. Heartbreak. A man smaller, but stronger, a face he can't remember, a name he can't place. He doesn't want to remember.

She stared straight into Ben's eyes, "If you break anymore hearts, you won't have anymore of that silky white hair.