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"They got guns, I got a screwdriver"

The Moral High Ground

It's so true. I think of a Doctor Who quote that applies almost every week in church.

There is a Doctor Who quote for everything. It's not just a Whovian's just that the Whovians know the quotes.

i got so attached with rose i have tried not getting too close with others because we all know something always happens

it's true it's the curse of the Whovians we see a new companion we like a new companion Moffat kills the new companion. several times if he has his way!

the point where you wanted to punch the doctor in the face>> WELL SHE KNOWS BUT I DON'T SO PLEASE SAY IT GODAMMIT

I love and hate this. Hate because damnit. But I live because it is so the Doctor. Saying he loves her would be committing and he doesn't do that. And saying love her would have to make him stay.

The second bit is quite possibly the sweetest conversation in Doctor Who. Which is odd, considering it's a mad man and his box talking to each other.

She refers to him as "her thief." The TARDIS was amazing as a human using her temporary voice to tell him what he means to her. She was smart and brilliant: "I wanted to see the universe so I stole a Time Lord and ran away.

Oh, Doctor Who <3

Doctor Who quotes. There is no such thing as an ordinary human these quotes

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Funny pictures about Pop-up blockers. Oh, and cool pics about Pop-up blockers. Also, Pop-up blockers.

House Who!

I wasn't sure if this should go on my Doctor Who board or my Game of Thrones into my Crossover board!

You have to go back and think about every episode with the Ponds and River Song this way. Is she just talking to them as companions of the Doctor or is she talking to them as her parents?

Welcome to Whovian Head Canon! Head canon is something that hasn't happened in original canon but has happened in a persons head. Submit your own Whovian Head Canon below!

Captain Jack Harkness!

- Oh, Captain Jack, how I love you! - I think this quote is actually from Futurama but I feel like it fits with Captain Jack too.

Doctor who quotes

Doctor Who Quotes “Doctor Who Quotes” by Tom Trager. Over 15 Doctor Who quotes on one shirt. My favorite quote is 'Are you my mummy?

My life is a lie!!

From now on when I'm babysitting and the kids want to play red-light green-light, the answer will be a very loud "NO!

makes you mad sad and happy all at the same time.

I am on a Drug. It's called Doctor Who


Watch Doctor Who they said. Trust me they said. It's a great show with lots of British Humor they said. Why are you sobbing on the floor they said. <<---- sobbing is considered British humor.

" ALL the Doctors' catchphrases! ---thought was Geronimo? and was allons-y?