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{darkness of the heart} a close up shot. I liked the details on the leaves. #doodlersanonymous #illo

{the darkness of the heart} when it grows like leafy tentacles. #doodlersanonymous #sketchbook #illo

{heart castle} we have replaced the moon. but our heart is not as bright. #doodlersanonymous #illustrationart #illo #inktober

{flame fingers} heart on fire or 9 finger hand? ##doodlersanonymous #inktober2015 #inktober #illo

{warm heart WIP part 1} I thought this drawing would work well on wood. I cut the main pieces out of 1/4" plywood. I also want to" animate" the flames so they are being held by small dowel. I'm working on the mechanism now it will be hidden behind the main panel. . .

{warm heart WIP part 3} I did a couple of coats of white paint before the black ink. I like the look of the natural wood. It looks like its holding my thumb.

{warm heart WIP part 4} Finished painting and assembly. I made the black handle out of some old piano keys (real ebony!). I'll post a video of the action tomorrow. Next is finishing the wall mount.

Another detail of the piece I'm working on. I made a new stamp! I like the wolf cat one but I feel like I need to embrace my name.

{calaca No.5} it is hard to remember. #doodlersanonymous #illustrationart #inktober #illo #

Some drops are full of details. Still working on it. #t