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Planet Comics #54, 1948

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Adam Strange appears in this issue of Mystery in Space! Adam helps the Justice League with arch-nemesis Kanjar Ro who has mysteriously become more powerful and plots the demise of the league!

Above is the cover of the first comic book dedicated fully to Buck Rogers cover-to-cover with an issue date of 1940. Description from the-wanderling.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Buck Rogers in the century First Issue: Eastern Color Printing (USA), 1940

Red Sonja #1 Marvel Comics 1977 Conan Spin-Off, Thome Art

Red Sonja #1 Marvel Comics 1977 Conan Spin-Off, Thome Art

Wildly popular 1977 Conan Spin-Off Red Sonja Marvel Comics 1977 "The Blood of the Unicorn" Thome Art Minor cover wear/scuff commensurate w/ almost 40 year age. A classic Comic Book;

If I had a nickel for every time I've wanted to do this...

Using judo on stupid guys is fun enough, but in the long haul it demeans both the judo guy as well as the stupid guy. So limit stupid guy judo flipping, people.all things in moderation.

Cover for Horror Tales (Eerie Publications, 1969 series) #v4#7

Dec More sun par ultra violent horror magazine from the Bad artwork but disturbing. These could very well fit the description of what our parents called, 'Trash. no redeeming qualities whatsoever.