Gravity Falls: teen dipper

I know, I know, it's been forever since I drew Teen Mabel and Gideon, but better late than never to draw a teenage Dipper, huh? Even though he knows Grunkle Stan only hired him because he could do .


15 Sweet TV Crushes Everyone Roots For

Wendy Corduroy You are Wendy Corduroy "Nah, don’t worry, man. You just got to be sneaky about your rule breaking. Race you to the no running sign! She's one of my favorite characters because she's cool and everything, and awesome!

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I paused this the first time I saw the episode because I just knew something awesome would he there. It did not disappoint.<<Writing jokes for cartoons is more important than sleep XD

Sock Opera <3

Sock Opera <3


So there's four people watching Dipper and Mabel: Bill, The Agents, and Larry Kings wax head


made another Gravity Falls video and its Alice Human Sacrifice Gravity Falls Style!