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World Cup Prussia Germany Japan Italy Romano Spain France America


Arthur's first impressions of Alfred's soccer uniforms for the FIFA World Cup: in 2010 and And I.don't think I'll be unseeing this anytime soon.

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Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden & Norway - Hetalia (Norway doesn't give a fuck.

It should be "prussia likes Canada" and "nobody likes canada" but still XD>>>Hey I'm Canadian

*cries* I cannot see why people cannot see so much pain Russia a.k.a. van had to go through... It makes me sympathize with him a little (too bad I know e can be a little bit creepy at the same time as well but when I think about it I can see why he had became like that)

*This is making me so sad.* aw this is so touching and beautifully written all at the same time :')<<<*creates portal to hetalia**runs to hug Russia**Hugs Russia*

I love everything about this except that it's UKUS not USUK

Hetalia ~ UK v. US pocky game ~ Fangirling a bit over here. This is why YAOI is awesome!

Germany and Italy hfksbmsuhdiahhak I just freaked out the girl next to me in class BUT OMG!!!!!!! \(O

GERITA I just love this omg. If so, the gerita wedding must be canon! We need the gerita wedding on the anime.

FIFA World Cup 2014 countdown - England and the Italy brothers by ctcsherry.

FIFA World Cup 2014 countdown - England and the Italy brothers by ctcsherry.

England is a bottom! *triggered* - Killed me

Me: *reads Head cannon* ha *scrolls and reaches the bottom*(no pun intended) *wHeEZe*


Spain and his children. XD (I love that non Hetalia fans would be so confused by this. I feel like I'm part on an elite group XD)<< Fluffing christ, spain